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Discuss about the measure methods for performance of hollow fiber porous membranes lv xiaolong 2011 ,31 (2): 0-0
Preparation of new solid polymer electrolyte composite membrane and separation of propylene and propane Wang Yanbei,Ren Jizhong,Deng Maicun 2011 ,31 (2): 7-13
Study on conductivity of ion exchange membranes with AC impedance method Fang Yongsheng,Chen Xiao, Wang Baogu… 2011 ,31 (2): 14-18
Preparation and characterization of α-Al2O3 hollow fiber supports XU Jishang, HE Yong, GU Xuehong, JIN… 2011 ,31 (2): 19-23
Study on the membrane reaction process for continuous synthesis
of dimethyl adipate
ZHANG Zhengguang, ZHANG Biao, PENG Y… 2011 ,31 (2): 24-27
Endotoxin removal from human plasma through PVDF affinity membrane containing Ser ligand Kun Xu, Man Huang, Liguang Wu, Lin Z… 2011 ,31 (2): 28-34
Endotoxin removal from human plasma through PVDF affinity membrane containing Ser ligand Kun Xu, Man Huang, Liguang Wu, Lin Z… 2011 ,31 (2): 28-34
Mathematics model of RO system with discrete parameters for membrane and pipe   Jing Dawei 2011 ,31 (2): 35-38
Morphology control and application of polysulfone membranes prepared by co-casting of PEI/PSf WANG Zhouwei , JI Yu, Sui Bo,ZHANG Y… 2011 ,31 (2): 39-45
The effect of packing density on membrane crystallization of lysozyme ZHANG Yang,LIU li-ying,ZHANG Xue, MA… 2011 ,31 (2): 46-49
Study on influencing factors of forming hydrate membrane in CO2/N2 separation ZHU Ling, WANG Jinqu, LU Jinming , Y… 2011 ,31 (2): 50-55
Pervaporation performance of HTBN/PAN composite membrane for separating n-heptane/diethyl sulfide/n-butanethiol mixtures TANG Fei, CHEN Jian, LI Jiding, WANG… 2011 ,31 (2): 56-61
Study on sand plate membrane module for MBR XU Guoliang, FAN Yaobo, YU Yan, YUAN… 2011 ,31 (2): 62-67
Pervaporation performance of polydimethylsiloxane/polyetherimide composite membrane for gasoline desulphurization
(V) Mass transfer process study
CHEN Jian, Song Guangwu, CHEN Jinxun… 2011 ,31 (2): 68-73
Study on optimizing the preparation conditions and characterizing of novel nylon affinity membranes NIE Huali, Chen Tianxiang, ZHU Limin 2011 ,31 (2): 74-77
Preparation of hydrophilic PVDF hollow fiber by ozone modification method ZHAO Qiang PAN Kai WANG Lei CAO Bing 2011 ,31 (2): 78-82
Influence of air gap length and bore liquid concentration on cellulose hollow fiber membranes structure and properties LIANG Yi, SONG Jun, CHENG Bowen,LU F… 2011 ,31 (2): 83-88
Preparation and characterization of Function researches about PSf/PPESK blending ultrafiltration membranes YU Lanzhe , TANG Chengcheng , YUN Ya… 2011 ,31 (2): 89-94
Experimental study on treating produced water by polyether sulphone hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane PAN Zhenjiang , GAO Xueli, ZHU Wei, … 2011 ,31 (2): 95-99
Application of nanofiltration membrane in whey demineralization SONG Qi, PAN Kai, CAO Bing 2011 ,31 (2): 100-103

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