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Study of the PVC/PVDF/PMMA Blend Membrane XU Jingjing, WANG Jun, LUO Wenhua 2011 ,31 (4): 1-5
Study on biosorption kinetics and equilibrium models of biofilm test YANG Hui, PEI Lang,  JIN Shun 2011 ,31 (4): 6-8
Hydraulic simulation of MBR with Computational fluid dynamics YU Yan, FAN Yaobo, XU Guoliang, WANG… 2011 ,31 (4): 9-16
Effects of TiO2 nanoparticles on the performances of PVDF ultrafiltration membrane SUN Xiuli, LI Weiying, WEN Chen 2011 ,31 (4): 17-21
Nafion?/PANI composite membranes by in situ polymerization for direct methanol fuel cell
YANG Jinyan, WEI Xiaolan, MENG Hui 2011 ,31 (4): 22-26
Preparation of sodium alginate /polysulfone (PSF) composite nanofiltration membrane by interfacial polymerizationGAO  vXueli, WANG Weiwei, CHEN Xiao… 2011 ,31 (4): 27-30
Effect of pH to copper ion removal by using cation exchange membrane XIE Dehua, SHI Zhou, FENG Huayang, C… 2011 ,31 (4): 31-35
Preperation of TS-1/C Composite Functional Membrane with High CO2 Permeability and Selectivity JIANG Da-wei, WANG Tong-hua, LI Lin,… 2011 ,31 (4): 36-41
Effect of surface roughness of ceramic membrane on the performance of filtrating oily wastewater ZHANG Bingbing,ZHONG Zhaoxiang,XING … 2011 ,31 (4): 42-47
Novel Carbon Nanotube/Chitosan Hybrid Membranes for Pervaporation of Ethanol/Water Mixtures SHI Guozhong, WU Liguang, QIU Shi, Z… 2011 ,31 (4): 54-59
Study on DOM removal of filter backwash water by coagulation-PAC adsorption-submerged UF process Li Kaiwei, Li Weiying ,Lu Junyu, Ma … 2011 ,31 (4): 60-64
Research on the treatment of high strength soybean processing wastewater with AnMBR SUN Kai, LU Xiaofeng, ZHOU Baochang,… 2011 ,31 (4): 65-69
Feasibility study on the application of DMF membrane pre-treatment system for SWRO in naval vessels ZOU Shiyang, ZHANG Jianping, WU Junr… 2011 ,31 (4): 70-73
Research of the river water’s RO technique in the paper manufacturing’s process water Zhong Weilei 2011 ,31 (4): 74-78
Research on properties of TiO2 suspension filtered using PVDF tubular membrane ZHONG Hong , DU Qiyun , LIU Enhua 2011 ,31 (4): 79-83
Effect of UF Operating Conditions on Purification Process of Acid Red BAI Xue, , SUN Long-xiang, ZHANG Ya-… 2011 ,31 (4): 84-88
Process optimization of biodiesel production by PSSA/PVA membranes using response surface methodology ZHU Mulan, HE Benqiao, LIU Anyuan, F… 2011 ,31 (4): 89-94
Technique Introduction of MBR of Beijing Beixiaohe Reclaimed Water Plant ANG An-ming,GAN Yi-ping , CHANG Jian… 2011 ,31 (4): 95-99
Progress of research in advanced treatment sewage or wastewater with integrated membrane separation technology LI Shupeng, FANG Hu, XU Weichang, YA… 2011 ,31 (4): 100-104
Analysis of the rectification process in ammonia-water absorption systems with the membrance structured packing KONG Ding-feng, LIU Jian-hua, WANG J… 2011 ,31 (4): 105-109

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