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Preparation and characterization of micro-patterned PES membranes WAN Weina , ZHANG Yuzhong, LIN Ligan… 2012 ,32 (4): 1-5
Degassing performance of polyvinylidene fluoride hollow fiber membrane GUO Peili, CHEN Huayan, Lü Xiaolong,… 2012 ,32 (4): 6-10
Study on morphology and property of PVDF hybrid membrane modified by functionalized TiO2 nanotubes SONG Xue, WEN Chen, SUN Wei, XIAO Ch… 2012 ,32 (4): 11-16
Hydrophilic Modification of Polyvinylidene fluoride Blood Separate Membrane ZHANG Qing-lei, LU Xiao-long, YANG S… 2012 ,32 (4): 17-20
Study on the preparation of gradient-dense A12O3 hollow fiber membranes by co-sintering process HAN Ling-feng,CAO Yue,XU Zhen-liang 2012 ,32 (4): 21-24
Preparation of tubular pH-responsive ceramic composite membranes WANG Hui, ZHOU Shouyong, LI Meisheng… 2012 ,32 (4): 26-31
Effect of photoreduction on the permeation property and structure of solid polymer electrolyte membranes for propylene/propane separation WAGN Yanbei, REN Jizhong, DENG Maicu… 2012 ,32 (4): 32-37
Study on gas separation properties of polyethersulfone-silica nanoparticle composite membranes CHEN Gui-e, ZHANG Li, XU Zhen-liang 2012 ,32 (4): 38-43
Adsorption of Di-2-ethylohexyle Phthalate onto Nanofiltration Membranes at Filtering Initial Phase CHENG Aihua,WANG Lei,WANG Xudong 2012 ,32 (4): 44-49
Analysis of organic, inorganic and complex pollution in long process RO system Yang Xiaoqi, Jing Dawei 2012 ,32 (4): 50-53
The Effect of the diversion and Aeration Mode on the Internal Flow Field of Membrane Bioreactor by Numerical Simulation Luo nan, Wang jie , Jia Hui, Geng Qu… 2012 ,32 (4): 54-60
Research on model of purification of low unsaturated degree polyether polyols with membrane separation YANG Liu,Ma Weihua,Qi Li,Zhong Qin 2012 ,32 (4): 61-65
Microwave Synthesis of NaA zeolite membrane of kaolin and its performance and characterization HU Qiuwei,ZHOU Zhihui,XIANG Xiaodong 2012 ,32 (4): 66-69
Study on the concentration of extraction solution of Biyankang and other traditional Chinese medicines by reverse osmosis process YAN Bin, Lin Lihua, YE Qian, Zou Xio… 2012 ,32 (4): 70-74
Research on purification of Chiitooligosaccharides solution with nano-filtration Han yongping   Lin qiang 2012 ,32 (4): 75-80
Membrane cleaning and fouling control in a pilot plant of ultrafiltration for drinking water treatment ZHU Dan, GU Ping, WANG Haiyan, HE Fe… 2012 ,32 (4): 81-86
Impact of component design on the fouling-resistant capability and energy consumption of the spiral-wound reverse osmosis membrane WANG Shuang , LIANG Jian , CAI Xiang… 2012 ,32 (4): 87-91
The operating characteristics of Cross-flow DE-dynamic membrane process for Huaihe raw water treatment XU Guanghong,SUN Wen,YU Zhenxun,DONG… 2012 ,32 (4): 92-97
Study on the mechanism and prevention of membrane fouling
during refining SanLiangBan Liquor
HUANG Min-yan, PAN Lin-mei, FU Ting-… 2012 ,32 (4): 98-101
Recovery of hydrochloric acid from Arginine production process solution by diffusion dialysis Li Chuanrun, Wang Huchuan, Zhang Xu,… 2012 ,32 (4): 102-106

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