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Preparation of PVDF/BC blend membranes and its performance study ZHAO Zi-nian, ZHOU Lu-lu, JIA Shi-ru 2013 ,33 (6): 0-0
Current research progress on the biofilm in MABR: A review Li baoan,Tian hailong,Li hao 2013 ,33 (6): 1-5
Study on the configuration of reverse electrodialysis stack utilizing ammonium bicarbonate solutions LUO Xi,LIANG Peng,CAO Xiaoxin,ZHANG … 2013 ,33 (6): 6-12
Preparation of MicroporousPoly(vinylidene fluoride) Hollow Fiber Membrane via Thermally Induced Phase Separation AN Ya-xin, LI Ping-li, WU Hao-yun, C… 2013 ,33 (6): 13-19
Preparation of NaAzeolite membranes on macroporoussupports by varying-temperature spraying seeding method XUJing,LI Huazheng, YANG Jian-hua,WA… 2013 ,33 (6): 20-24
Preparation of poly ether imide(HQDEA-DMMDA)/fumed silica mixed matrix membrane and its permeation properties ZHANG Liqiu, REN Jizhong,LI Hui, Zha… 2013 ,33 (6): 25-31
The effects of composition on mass transfer and morphology of PDMS-b-PPO membranes Liu Wei, JiShulan, Gao Jing, Zhang W… 2013 ,33 (6): 32-37
Preparation of PVDF/BC blend membranes and its performance study ZHAO Zi-nian, ZHOU Lu-lu, JIA Shi-ru 2013 ,33 (6): 38-42
Preparation and properties of novel sulfonated poly(arylene ether sulfone) bearing carboxylic acid group for reverse osmosis membrane Zhang Yang, Yan Hao, Pan Guoyuan, Gu… 2013 ,33 (6): 43-46
Preparation of flat sheet hydrophobic microporous membrane by co-blending PE and PP via TIPS and the performances of VMD TANG Na,  JIANG Jianwei,  … 2013 ,33 (6): 47-52
Study on the Utmost Ion Removal rate of Reverse Osmosis Membrane Wang Huan Zhi,Ma Xun 2013 ,33 (6): 53-57
Study on the influence of PLA-PEG-PLA block copolymer on the anti-fouling properties of PLA hollow fiber membranes
SHEN Peng,ZHANG Qiuji,YANG Changyu,C… 2013 ,33 (6): 58-63
An electrocatalytic membrane reactor and its optimization for electrochemical synthesis of propionic acid LI Jiao, WANG Hong, LI Jianxin, GUAN… 2013 ,33 (6): 64-70
Three-stage model of gas membrane separation based on least squares support vector machine LI Guixiang, WANG Lei, , WANG Yuanqi… 2013 ,33 (6): 71-77
Study on the dehumidification of low pressure and high humidity air by different structure hollow fiber membranes TANG Wei-hua, ZHANG Qi, ZHANG Long-l… 2013 ,33 (6): 78-82
Influences of capacity difference of membrane modules and total influx & efflux location upon result of parallel connection YANG Shun-cheng 2013 ,33 (6): 83-86
The use of organic EDA and EDTA as draw solutes in forward osmosis WANG Hao, HE Tao, LI Xuemei, Lin Xia… 2013 ,33 (6): 87-91
Effects of different influencing factors on the removal of trace naproxen from water by nanofiltration membrane separation Ge Sijie,Wu Fang,Zhang Liqiu,Feng Li 2013 ,33 (6): 92-96
Study on the application of active cross-flow membrane equipment in the MBR process of sewage treatment LIU Haoliang,GENG Anchao 2013 ,33 (6): 97-101
A review of macrocyclic polyether and its immobilized polymer for the separation of lithium isotopes Pei Yanchun, Yan Feng, Li Jianxin, C… 2013 ,33 (6): 102-110

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