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Application research of charged microporous ceramic membrane in emergency water purification ZHU Mengfu, DENG Cheng, SU Hongbo, Y… 2013 ,33 (3): 1-4
Preparation and characterization of PSF microporous membranes by PSF-DMAc-PEG systems with low critical solution temperatures Zhenliang Xu, Fusi Jiang, Yongming W… 2013 ,33 (3): 5-11
Preparation and characterization of antibacterial polyethersulfone (PES) UF membrane by blending copolymers containing capsaicin derivative moiety WANG Jian, GAO Xue-li, WANG Han-min,… 2013 ,33 (3): 12-16
Fabrication and Characterization of Raw Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube(MWNT)/ Polyacrylonitrile(PAN) Nanocomposite Membrane Gao Xiangyu, He Gaohong, Liang Jian 2013 ,33 (3): 17-22
Preparation and performance of novel thermally stable composite reverse osmosis membranes HU Lijie, ZHANG Shouhai, GUAN Shansh… 2013 ,33 (3): 23-27
The Performance of the Titania Ceramic Membrane for Desalination JIANG Lin,MA Wei,CHEN Zhi,LI Jian-mi… 2013 ,33 (3): 28-32
Preparation and gas separation performance of hybrid carbon membranes from BPDA-ODA type polyimide and zeolites ZHANG Bing , YU Zhixue , SHI Yi , WU… 2013 ,33 (3): 33-38
Preparation and pervaporation performances of PTFE-PDMS/PET composite membranes SUN De 、, LI Bing-bing , XU Zhen-lia… 2013 ,33 (3): 39-43
Preparation and Characterization of Quaternized Chitosan/PS of Composite Nanofiltration Membrane Li Saisai  Gao Xueli  Wang… 2013 ,33 (3): 44-48
The influences of adding organic intermediate layer on membrane formation and properties LAI Lulu, SHAO Jia,WANG Zhengbao 2013 ,33 (3): 49-53
The preparation of environment-friendly oxygen-rich silicone rubber membrane PENG Yuelian,AN Kun,FAN Hongwei 2013 ,33 (3): 54-58
Preparation and Characterization of Cellulose acetate carbamate as Membrane materials CHEN Fu-shan, SU Lin-hai, SONG Xiao-… 2013 ,33 (3): 59-63
Preparation and high flux of hyperbranched polysiloxane membranes for n-butanol removal from water BAI Yunxiang, ZHU Yuanhua, ZHANG Chu… 2013 ,33 (3): 64-69
Study on surface negative charged polyethersulfone microfiltration complex membrane WANG Yong,HUA Yaozu,HUANG He,TANG Xi… 2013 ,33 (3): 70-74
Investigation on the removal of five trace pharmaceuticals from pure water by RO, NF and MD Ge Sijie Qu Dan Feng Li Zhang Liqiu 2013 ,33 (3): 75-80
Effects of critical flux operation on Ultrafiltration process of Huanglian LIU Hongbo, LI Bo,GUO Liwei 2013 ,33 (3): 81-87
Pilot test on the reclaimed water by a ultra?ltration/reverse osmosis process Li Qian, Wang Hougang, Yu Ping, Luo … 2013 ,33 (3): 88-91
Optimization control of biological nitrogen and phosphorus removal in a A/O-MBR process Zhengkai Rao, Shifan Wei 2013 ,33 (3): 92-96
Studies on measuring methods for pore size of hollow fiber microfiltration membranes ZHANG Yanping, PAN Xianhui, WANG Xul… 2013 ,33 (3): 97-102
Preparation of hybrid membrane and its performance for uptaking Lithium XIE Lixin, , CHEN Xiaomian 2013 ,33 (3): 103-107

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