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Advance in Zeolite Membrane Research WANG Jinqu,YANG Jianhua,LI Huazheng,… 2014 ,34 (3): 1-7
Dielectric model for analyzing concentration polarization and its application to organic-inorganic hybrid exchange membrane-solution system NI Guizhi, ZHAO kongshuang, LI Yuhon… 2014 ,34 (3): 8-14
In-situ synthesis of CNTs/TiO2 porous composite film by chemical vapor deposition   V Hui,CHEN Aiping,ZHANG Zhe,HE Hongb… 2014 ,34 (3): 15-22
Study on the surface functionalization of PVDF hollow-fiber membrane with polydopamine and poly(ethylene glycol)(PEG) YANG Linming, LI Fang, DU Chunhui, H… 2014 ,34 (3): 23-29
Preparation of [Co(Im)2]∞ membranes on macroporous supports by secondary growth method   XIE Zhong, WANG Jinqu, YANG Jian-hua… 2014 ,34 (3): 30-36
Experimental studies and molecular dynamics simulation of traditional Chinese medicine "solution structure" which oriented membrane process   LI bo,GUO Liwei,WU mianhua 2014 ,34 (3): 37-42
The influence of drawing process on the properties of PPHF HUANGFU Fengyun,DAI Peng, KONG Yuany… 2014 ,34 (3): 43-47
A colloidal route to prepare high-flux γ-Al2O3 NF membrane CHEN Xianfu, ZHANG Wei, FAN Yiqun 2014 ,34 (3): 48-52
New membrane material containing macrocyclic compounds for affinity adsorption of biomolecules WANG Andong , LIN Ligang , DONG Meim… 2014 ,34 (3): 53-58
Preparation and characterization of the support layer for the seawater desalination reverse osmosis membrane   Yang Feng , Zhou Shang-yin , Pan Yao… 2014 ,34 (3): 59-62
Preparation and properties of PVA-CS/PHBV composite membrane  ZHAO Xiaohua, ZHAO Xiaoyan, WANG Min… 2014 ,34 (3): 63-68
Study on the hydrophilic modification and properties of PVDF-PET woven tubal hollow fiber composite membrane   Zhang Ying, Wang Lei, Rong Zhi-yong,… 2014 ,34 (3): 69-73
The impacts of ammonium salt on the thin film composite nanofiltration membrane performanc ZHANG Kai-song, FANG Fang 2014 ,34 (3): 74-78
Study on detection and nanofiltration removal of organic pollutants in water of Qiantang River  GU Jin,LI Wei,SUN Yuping,CHEN Xiaoji… 2014 ,34 (3): 77-81
The Separation Properties of Magnesium and Lithium from Brine with high Mg2+/Li+ Ratio by DK Nanofiltration Membrane JI Chao, ZHANG Jie, SUN Shuying, LI … 2014 ,34 (3): 79-85
The influence of pretreatment ofReverse Osmosisconcentrate on the performance of Air Gap Membrane Distillation process 2014 ,34 (3): 86-91
Design and application of novel flat sheet membrane casting equipment used for scientific research CAI Xin-hai,XIAO Tong-hu,CHEN Shan-m… 2014 ,34 (3): 92-95
Clean preparation of acid and base by NaCl splitting using bipolar membrane electrodialysis GAO Yanrong, WANG Jianyou,LIU Hongbi… 2014 ,34 (3): 96-103
Antifoam pollution on ceramic membrane and regeneration SONG Ji-shuang,ZHAO Min,MENG Xiang-l… 2014 ,34 (3): 104-109
The antifouling performance for Polyvinylidene Fluoride membrane modified by Plasma treatment in a MBR   LI Peng, YANG Qin, DIN Yun, LIU Junj… 2014 ,34 (3): 110-115

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