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Study on the Transfer Resistances of Vacuum Membrane Distillation with High Concentration NaCl Solution YOU Wen-Ting, DONG Zhe-Qin, ZHANG Mi… 2014 ,34 (6): 1-5
Effect of draw ratio on the morphology and performance of seven-bore polysulfone hollow fiber membranes during spinning process ZHANG Jiemin, ZHAO Baobao, XU Tianch… 2014 ,34 (6): 6-10
Fabrication and characterization of novel composite PVDF hollow fiber membranes ZHAO Chen, LU Xiaolong, WU Chunrui, … 2014 ,34 (6): 11-16
Effects of membrane-formation substrate on the structure and gas separation performance of carbon membranes ZHANG Bing , Dang Xiaolong , WU Yong… 2014 ,34 (6): 17-21
Preparation and Hydrogen Separation of Hydrophobic Silica Membranes modified by Perfluorodecyl Group DING Yuanli, WEI Qi, LIU Xiangge, LI… 2014 ,34 (6): 22-27
Preparation of poly(lactic acid)membrane via complex
phase separations based on water-solubility diluent
YANG Shangang, YE Hui, ZHANG Yuzhong… 2014 ,34 (6): 28-34
Preparation and processing parameters study of SiO2-ZrO2 composite membrane TONG Zhi, HU Min Dun, DONG Xu Juan, … 2014 ,34 (6): 35-38
Preparation of hydrophilic polymer film on the porous cotton fabric surface by free-radical-initiated polymerization NA Ying, FU Jun, CHEN Yun-neng, WAN … 2014 ,34 (6): 39-45
Preparation and properties of reverse osmosis membrane based on
sulfonated poly(ether sulfone)
Ying Wan  Cui Mao  Qi Zhou… 2014 ,34 (6): 46-50
The Effect of Annealing Process on The Microstructure and Physical Properties
of Barium Strontium Titanate Ferroelectric Multilayers
WEI Kun,ZHANG Xuchen,HONG Xuekun 2014 ,34 (6): 51-55
Discussion about the assessment of ultrafitration membranes retention performance by seprating protein method Luo Ming, Shang Min, Zhengxiang 2014 ,34 (6): 56-61
Hydrophobic modification and characterization of Al2O3 membrane TONG Zhi, DONG Xu-juan, WANG Sai, LI… 2014 ,34 (6): 62-66
Removal of Cerium from aqueous solution
via Polymer-enhanced ultrafiltration
PAN Ling, LU Xiaofeng, CHEN Lifang, … 2014 ,34 (6): 67-71
Study of membrane degassing technology for HCl removal Wenjia Zhou, Yue Jia, Xiaolong Lu,Ch… 2014 ,34 (6): 72-76
The application of hydrophilic zeolite membranes in isopropanol dehydration and the acid resistance study JIN Ge, ZHOU Zhihui, LIU Hong, WU Ji… 2014 ,34 (6): 77-83
A study on concentration of soybeanoligosaccharides by Cellulose triacetate FO membrane Xiao Weiyi,Duo Xueqin,Wang Duo 2014 ,34 (6): 84-88
Study on the filtration mechanism of humic acidbymembrane separation and photocatalysis coupling technology CHENHuangmeng,SONG Hongchen,WANG Jia… 2014 ,34 (6): 89-95
Modification of PES membranes by PSS-PDADMAC and the research of antifouling SHEN Liguo, LU Xiaofeng, PAN Ling, C… 2014 ,34 (6): 96-99
Effects of clearance between membranes and bubble shape upon membrane fouling in a flat-sheet membrane bioreactor Wang Dong, Feng Chao, Chen Yazhong, … 2014 ,34 (6): 100-105
Optimizing of the process parameters for submerged ultrafiltration membrane modules Zhu Yuanyuan,Shen Juli,Lv Xiaolong,Z… 2014 ,34 (6): 106-111

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