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Research Progress on fabrication and water treatment application of carbon-nanotubes (CNTs)-based composite membranes 2016 ,36 (6): 1-10
Experiment study on advection multi-effect vacuum membrane distillation(ME-VMD)process Zhang Yonggang, Peng Yuelian, Ji Shu… 2016 ,36 (6): 11-18
Modeling analysis of pipeline and runoff flow direction in reverse osmosis system at flow rate of 2 m/s Wang Yanning,  Yuan Hongying, &… 2016 ,36 (6): 19-24
Modification of Thin-film Composite Forward Osmosis membrane active layer using organic-inorganic hybrid TiO2 nanoparticles Kuang Wu,Kang Guodong,Liu Zhongnan,Z… 2016 ,36 (6): 25-31
Effect of graphene oxide modification on the pure water permeation flux of Al2O3 microfiltration membrane with different pore size HU Xuebing, DING Wenxiu, WANG Yongqi… 2016 ,36 (6): 32-35
Structure and performance of microporous PVC membranes prepared via thermally induced phase separation MIN Ying, ZHANG Chunfang, BAI Yunxia… 2016 ,36 (6): 36-41
Studies on evaluation method for desulfurization efficiency of hollow fiber membrane contactor GUAN Yipeng,XING Yangyang,LIU Zheng,… 2016 ,36 (6): 42-46
Simulation on gas permeation properties of polyimide hybrid membranes for CO2/N2 ZHU Nana, GAO Huiyuan?  2016 ,36 (6): 47-52
Preparation and performance optimization of PVA/PEI composite nanofiltration membrane Hou Yingfei,Wang Jinfeng,Liu Min 2016 ,36 (6): 53-60
The Preparation and Characterization of Polyimide Ultrafiltration Membrane by Chemical Imidization TANG Na, LI Yan, XIANG Jun, HUA Xinx… 2016 ,36 (6): 61-69
The synthesis of a new type of amphiphilic copolymer and its effects on the properties of the modified poly-vinylidene fluoride membrane Y. LI, X.J. ZHOU, S.S. SHEN, J.J. YA… 2016 ,36 (6): 70-77
Synthesis and Properties of QCS/CM Full Interpenetrating Network Anion-exchange Membranes for Potential Fuel Cells Jun Cui, Jilin Wang?, Lulu Wang, Rui… 2016 ,36 (6): 78-85
Applied research of graphene oxide polypiperazine-amide composite nanofiltration in removal of dye wastewater Wang Jin  , Zhao Changwei , Wu … 2016 ,36 (6): 86-94
Design and Operation of Biology-PVC UF Membrane Combined Device for Purifying Aquaculture Water BAI Xin-zheng, CHEN Zi-cong,  S… 2016 ,36 (6): 95-100
Study on MABR application in city river bioremediation Hao Li, Peng Li, Linquan Sun,Chunbin… 2016 ,36 (6): 101-107
Study on Relieving Membrane Fouling of Hybrid Process of PAC Four-stage Countercurrent Adsorption and Microfiltration by Dosing FeCl3 YU Jinshan, LI Jing, GUO Junke , WAN… 2016 ,36 (6): 108-112
Experimental study on an efficient small-scale desalination device applicable for distributed settingsA Zhang Shurong ,Sun Yeshan,Qu Hang&nb… 2016 ,36 (6): 113-118
Influence studies of EDTA on removal of lead and copper mixed ions by nanofiltration BAI Ling  LENG Jing  CHANG… 2016 ,36 (6): 119-125
Comparison between threshold flux and limiting flux during Dongjiang water treatment using ultrafiltration membranes Sun Guosheng, Liu Shuai, Wu Rui, YAN… 2016 ,36 (6): 126-132
Developments and perspectives on the polyamide-based reverse osmosis desalination membranes Chun-You Pan, Guo-Rong Xu, He-Li Zha… 2016 ,36 (6): 133-138

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