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Effects of SiO2 doping on structure and property of four-channel alumina hollow fiber CAI Chao, ZHANG Yuting, WANG Xiaolei… 2017 ,37 (1): 1-7
Analysis and Prediction of Membrane Fouling in Water Treatment Based on the Approach of the XDLVO Theory Kou Chaowei, Zhang Ganwei, Shen Shus… 2017 ,37 (1): 8-15
The effect of Isophthaloyl dichloride, 4-Piperazine-piperidine, 3-((2-aminoethyl)-dimethylammonio)propane-1-sulfonate on the separation performance of cis,cis-1,3,5-triaminocyclohexane-trimesoyl chloride nanofiltration membrane LIU Zhongnan,LIU Dandan,KANG Guodong… 2017 ,37 (1): 16-22
Discussing about critical operating flux of ultrafiltration membrane LIU Chong, LV Xiaolong, WU Chunrui, … 2017 ,37 (1): 23-26
The synthesis of disc-shaped potassium ion sieve membrane and its separation performance in the electric drive process QI Shanshan, YUAN Junsheng, ZHANG Ch… 2017 ,37 (1): 27-35
Effect of Polyethylene glycol (PEG) additive on the structure and performance of forward osmosis membrane based on polysulfone substrate LIU Renxiao, CHEN Gang, WANG Yanqian… 2017 ,37 (1): 36-43
Investigations on electrochemical properties in mass transport of ion exchange membrane ZHANG Wenjuan, MA Jun, WANG Zhiwei, … 2017 ,37 (1): 44-50
Preparation of waterborne polyurethane membranes based upon benzoic anhydride polyester polyol and pervaporation performances for benzene/cyclohexane separation Chen Yazhong, Zhu Hao, Ye Hui, Yao L… 2017 ,37 (1): 51-57
Preparation and Organic Solvent Permeation Behavior of Covalent Triazine Framework Membranes Po Wang, ,Yujie Ban,Yanshuo Li, ,Wei… 2017 ,37 (1): 58-63
Effects of salt concentration on rejection of nanofiltration membrane in the low concentration range JIANG Di, XU Yifeng, LU Guotai, YANG… 2017 ,37 (1): 64-68
Preparation and properties of sulfonated poly(2,6-dimethy1-1,4-phenyleneoxide)/mesoporous silica hybrid cation exchange membranes LU Xueyun,MIAO Jibin,XIA Ru,CHEN Pen… 2017 ,37 (1): 69-74
Preparation ,characterization and Cu2+ dynamic adsorption of [CTS/SA]c/lPET using Layer-by-Layer assembly coatings QI Lin , WANG Bin , WANG Jiaona , LI… 2017 ,37 (1): 75-80
Preparation of polydimethylsiloxane pervaporation membranes with n-heptane as solvent at high crosslinking temperature LI Yuze, SHI Baoli 2017 ,37 (1): 81-86
The ordered honeycomb patterned porous Membrane based on polyether sulfone Li Lin-ying Li Ruo-lan Zhang Li-juan… 2017 ,37 (1): 87-91
Fabrication and Performance of Cellulose Acetate Membranes for Forward Osmosis LI Guoliang, WANG Jun, ZHAO Changwei… 2017 ,37 (1): 92-99
Filtration properties of electrospun nano-/submicro- diameter fibrous membranes for dyes LIU Leigen,WANG Yuling,CHEN Jianguan… 2017 ,37 (1): 100-106
Study on production of gluconic acid from sodium gluconate using bipolar membrane electrodialysis WANG Wei,FU Rongqiang,LIU Zhaoming 2017 ,37 (1): 107-113
Research on removal efficiency of benzene series in drinking water by nanofiltration membrane ZHAO Wei-ye,LI Xing,YANG Yan-ling,ZH… 2017 ,37 (1): 114-120
Influence of Transformer Oil Temperature on the Oil-gas Separation Characteristics of Teflon-AF/ceramic Composite Membrane Module ZHUO Li, WU Zimin, HAN Yuwang, LI Zh… 2017 ,37 (1): 121-124
Fouling characteristics of forward osmosis membrane and recent development of antifouling forward osmosis membrane WANG Tao, WANG Ning, LU Jinren, WANG… 2017 ,37 (1): 125-132

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