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Effect of thermodynamic and kinetic factors on structure and performance of asymmetric membrane formed via L-S phase inversion
Authors: SUN Benhui
Units: College of Materials Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology
KeyWords: asymmetric membrane; phase inversion; casting solution structure; desolvation rate; thermodynamics; kinetics
year,volume(issue):pagination: 2011,31(1):1-11

This article defined and provided an overview of the essential affecting factors for the structure and performances of polymeric membranes with asymmectric structure prepared by L-S phase inversion process. The effect of vital thermodynamic factors,  including the molecular weight and concentration of polymer, the solvent and its solvation, the additive selection, and the temperature of casting solution on the structure of casting solution; as well as the impact of critical kinetic factors, such as the solvent evaporation rate and gelation rate on the desolvation rate of the nascent membrane, were systemetically discussed. The methods to charicterize the relavent thermodynamic and kinetic affecting factors were also reviewed.


孙本惠(1943- ),江苏扬州人,教授,博士生导师,从事膜材料的制备与改性、分离制备方法机理、膜结构与性能的调控和优化研究。

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