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Preparation of polyvinylidene fluoride blood separate hollow fiber membrane
Authors: Yajing Li, Kunpeng Tian,Xiaolong Lv
Units: The institute of Biology &Chemistry, Tianjin Polytechnic University, Tianjin 300160,China
KeyWords: polyvinylidene fluoride; dry-wet phase inversion method; additive; hollow fiber membrane
year,volume(issue):pagination: 2011,31(1):35-40

In this thesis, polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) hollow fibers membrane are fabricated by using dry-wet phase inversion method. The results showed that membranes morphology structure became looser with the increase of PEG concentration, which leaded to increase of water fluxes, the rejection of BSA over 98% , and good mechanical properties. As the PVP concentration in the spinning dope increasing, the membrane structure tended to loose, mechanical properties decreased significantly, however, the water fluxes decreased and the rejection increased, due to the densification effect. The total contents of PEG and PVP maintained the same and changed the ratio of them. With the proportion of PVP in the additive increasing, pure water flux increased at first, then decreased due to densification effects, and bubble point, break pressure, breaking strength and tensile elongation decreased. With the PVP content in the additive from 0% to 28%, the rejection of BSA decreased from 98.0% to 64.1%, and remained around 60%, when the proportion of PVP in the additive increased.


李亚静,女(1983-),河北石家庄人,硕士研究生,主要从事血液分离用PVDF中空纤维膜的制备研究,E-mail: duck10625@yahoo.com.cn; 通讯联系人,吕晓龙(1964-),教授,主要从事中空纤维膜材料与膜过程研究,E-mail: luxiaolong@263.net

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