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Recovery of Cs(?) by hollow fiber contained liquid membrane using ionic liquid as diluent
Authors: CHEN Mumei1,2, LUO Shunzhong2*, ZHONG Wenbin2, MA Zongpin2
Units: 1. College of Environmental Engineering and Resources, Southwest University of Science and Technology, Sichuan Mianyang 621010; 2. Institute of Nuclear Physics and Chemistry, CAEP, Sichuan Mianyang 621900,China
KeyWords: ionic liquid; hollow fiber; contained liquid membrane; Cs recovery
year,volume(issue):pagination: 2011,31(1):66-71

Facilitated transport of Cs(I) from aqueous nitrate feed solutions to a receiver solution through a novel liquid membrane using Ionic liquid [Bmim][PF6] as diluents was investigated. The ionic liquid membrane phase containing DB18C6 as carrier was flowing in hollow fiber module. The recovery efficiency of Cs+ was higher while the ionic liquid membrane phase circulating in the inner side of hollow fiber than circulating in the shell side. The influence of the concentration of Cs+ and H+ in feed, H+ in trip phase and carrier was then analyzed by L9(34) table in order to establish the optimal condition parameter. Primary result concluded that this hollow fiber contained [Bmim][PF6] as membrane phase system was suitable for enriching tracer Cs and can be tuned by transferring parameter value for higher efficiency. This achievement shows a good potential for improving Cs+ separation processs.



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