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New multi parallel type membrane module design study
Authors: JiaLiZhuang,YangXiaoHong,TianRui
Units: College of Energy and Power Engineering, Inner Mongolia University of Technology, Huhhot, 010051, China
KeyWords: membrane distillation; watershed disk; solar
ClassificationCode:TQ 028. 8
year,volume(issue):pagination: 2011,31(1):101-104

This paper, combined with the Research Highlights of the previous results of membrane distillation in the Task Force, was written to talk about the design of a type of new and large Parallel type air gap membrane module with watershed plate. This module has been improved in the membrane area and water production, furthermore is compact in structure, convenient processing, multi-parallel operation and bears a wide range of applications. Moreover, aiming at handling the desalination of local brackish water, this can be an effective way that the module can be combined with abundant solar energy resources in the western region


贾立庄(1981-),男,保定市人,硕士,主要从事新能源研究利用;联系话:13614811597;email: jializhuang66@sina.com. 通讯联系人,杨晓宏,联系话:13848188275;email: yxh1109@yahoo.cn

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