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Filtration properties of electrospun nano-/submicro- diameter fibrous membranes for dyes
Authors: LIU Leigen,WANG Yuling,CHEN Jianguang
Units: Suzhou Institute of Trade & Commerce, Suzhou, Jiangsu 215008, China;
KeyWords: electrospinning; PSF submicro-diameter fibrous membrane; PA6 nano-diameter fibrous membrane; filtration property; dyes
year,volume(issue):pagination: 2017,37(1):100-106

 The submicro-diameter polysulfone (PSF) fibrous membrane and nano-diameter nylon 6 (PA6) fibrous membrane were prepared by electrospinning in order to efficiently separating toxic synthetic dyes from water. The pore structure, wettability, mechanical property and filtration properties for disperse blue 2BLN and weak acid blue N-RL of these two type membranes were studied by SEM, pore-diameter testing meter, contact angle measurement, tensile strength tester and ultraviolet spectrophotometer. The results showed that the pore diameter of these membranes were all belong to microfiltration membrane’s, and both of their porosity were all above 80 percentage. It also showed that the electrospun PSF fibrous membrane has poor wettability, but the electrospun PA6 fibrous membrane has excellent wettability. When both of them were filtered under constant 0.1 MPa pressure for 1 h, their rejection rate for disperse blue 2BLN were all bove 94 percentage, but their rejection rate for weak acid blue N-RL was lower than 36 percentage, while their filtering flux were all higher than traditional commerce microfiltration membrane and were all gradually tending to consistent with time. 


第一作者简介:刘雷艮(1979—),女,讲师,博士,E-mail: liuleiyin@aliyun.com.

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