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Preparation and properties of sulfonated poly(2,6-dimethy1-1,4-phenyleneoxide)/mesoporous silica hybrid cation exchange membranes
Authors: LU Xueyun,MIAO Jibin,XIA Ru,CHEN Peng,YANG Bin,CAO Ming,SU Lifen,QIAN Jiasheng
Units: School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering,
KeyWords: Mesoporous Silica Cation Exchange Membrane Diffusion Dialysis
ClassificationCode:TQ028.8, O631
year,volume(issue):pagination: 2017,37(1):69-74

 Amino-modified mesoporous silica (AMMS) was successfully prepared by using sol-gel reaction and was then blended with SPPO solution to prepare organic-inorganic hybrid membranes. The performance of the membranes were investigated in NaOH/Na2WO4 model system for alkali recovery via diffusion dialysis (DD), and the results showed that the introduction of mesoporous silica could solve the "trade-off" effect to a certain extent in the membrane separation process: the ion flux of the hybrid membrane was higher than that of the pure SPPO membrane, and the separation factor was also maintained at a higher level. After exploring the mass transfer mechanism, it was believed that the mesopores and -NH2 on the surface of mesoporous silica played an important role in ion transport.


第一作者:李雪云(1991-),女,安徽阜阳人,硕士研究生,从事有机-无机杂化膜研究,* **通讯作者,邮箱:qianjsh@ahu.edu.cn, lingxiaoyu1003@163.com,

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