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The ordered honeycomb patterned porous Membrane based on polyether sulfone
Authors: Li Lin-ying Li Ruo-lan Zhang Li-juan Lin li-gang
Units: (Inner Mongolia Vocational College of Chemical Engineering, Inner Mongolia Hohhot 010070, State Key Laboratory of Separation Membranes and Membrane Processes, Tianjin Polytechnic University, Tianjin 300387, P.R.China
KeyWords: polyether sulfone, honeycomb pattern
year,volume(issue):pagination: 2017,37(1):87-91

 The ordered honeycomb-patterned polyether sulfone (PES) porous membranes were fabricated by the “Breath figures” (BFs) method, microstructure of the membranes were characterized by SEM。The microstructure of membrane surface and the size of the pore can be controlled by concentration, and humidity and so on. The experimental results show that high humidity and proper polymer concentration are essential to fabricate honeycomb patterned films. The key role of forming honeycomb pattern is evaporation of solvent. When the solvent, humidity, concentration, injection are CH2Cl2 , 93.5% RH,2 wt %,60μL respectively, honeycomb pattern will be the best.


第一作者简介:李林英 (1975- ),女,籍贯山西省阳泉市平定县,硕士,实验师,主要研究方向:化学工程及膜材料的研究与开发,E-mail:lly018@163.com

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