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Study of spontaneous wetting kinetic of PVDF hollow fiber membrane in DEA solution
Authors: LU Jianxing,DING Zhongwei,LIU Liying
Units: College of Chemical Engineering,Beijing University of Chemical Technology,Beijing 100029,China
KeyWords: hydrophobic microporous membrane; spontaneous wetting; kinetic model
year,volume(issue):pagination: 2020,40(4):9-16

Based on the adsorption and intrusion mechanism of alcohol amine solution on hydrophobic membrane, the surface tension-contact angle and adhesion tension method were used in combination with the adsorption equation to measure the diethanolamine (DEA) molecules on the hydrophobic membrane wall of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) hollow fiber. The amount of adsorption was found to be extremely slow at the solid-liquid interface. Furthermore, the important role of liquid-vapor pressure difference in the spontaneous wetting process was clarified, and the viewpoint of multi-layer three-phase contact line was put forward, supplemented by wetting experiment for verification.
The average contact angle of the DEA solution in the PVDF hollow fiber membrane pores was calculated by the average mass method of the intrusion solution in the membrane pores, and it was found to be very close to 90 °. Using the membrane wetting equation and MATLAB simulation algorithm, a spontaneous wetting kinetic model of the membrane is established, which is in good agreement with the wetting experiment results.



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