单位: 1浙江理工大学先进纺织材料与制备技术教育部重点实验室,浙江杭州 310018
关键词: 聚四氟乙烯中空纤维膜;浸没式真空膜蒸馏;脱盐
出版年,卷(期):页码: 2013,33(5):54-58

The Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) hollow fiber membranes with two wall thicknesses were prepared through changing the parameters of extrusion head in this paper. The effect of wall thickness, operational conditions and NaCl concentration of water solution on the permeate flux and salt rejection were investigated by means of submerged vacuum membrane distillation (SVMD). The experimental results shows that the permeate flux increases with the decrease of wall thickness of PTFE hollow fiber membrane. The permeate flux significantly increases with the increase of fee temperature and vacuum pressure. The permeate flux can be enhanced after air-blowing the outer surface of PTFE hollow fiber membrane, and then drop till air blowing intensity is greater than 6m3/h*m2. The 800 hours test shows that the permeate flux decreases with the extension of working time.  After 200 hours, a constant stable water flux is attained with a salt rejection over 99.6%.
王红杰(1987-),男,湖北武汉人;主要研究方向:PTFE中空纤维膜在海水淡化中的应用; 郭玉海,通讯作者,

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