单位: 1. 广州中国科学院先进技术研究所 水科学研究中心,广州,511458;
关键词: 聚乳酸;聚乳酸-聚乙二醇共聚物;亲水性;抗污染性能
分类号: TQ028.8
出版年,卷(期):页码: 2013,33(6):58-63

合成制备了不同分子量的PLA-PEG-PLA嵌段共聚物,并应用1H NMR对其进行测试表征。然后将共聚物作为亲水性添加剂,用自行研发的中空纤维膜纺丝机对应制备了不同的PLA共混中空纤维膜。对制成的中空纤维膜进行水通量、残留率、水接触角、抗污染性能等测试以及SEM观察,研究了该添加剂对PLA中空纤维膜各种性能的影响。结果发现,制成的中空纤维膜超滤性能优异,添加PLA-PEG-PLA嵌段共聚物会提高PLA中空纤维膜的抗污染性能,并且共聚物分子量越大,中空纤维膜的亲水性越好,抗污染性能越好。
PLA-PEG-PLA block copolymers with different molecular weight (MW) were synthesized, and characterized by NMR . Then the copolymer was used as hydrophilic addition agent to prepare PLA hollow fiber membrane by blending method. Many properties of material were tested, such as water permeability,residual property, surface water contact angle, relative permeability, BSA rejection .Samples were also analysed by scanning electron microscope. The results showed that PLA-PEG-PLA with larger Mw lead to higher anti-fouling properties in accordance.



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