单位: 1昆明理工大学环境科学与工程学院,昆明 650500;2云南大学化学科学与工程学院,昆明 650500;3浙江大学高分子科学与工程学系,高分子合成与功能构造教育部重点实验室,杭州 310027
关键词: 金属有机骨架;有机-无机杂化;杂化膜
出版年,卷(期):页码: 2018,38(6):111-120

 本文综述了基于金属有机骨架(metal-organic frameworks, MOFs)材料发展而来的有机-无机杂化膜的制备方法及其在气体分离、渗透汽化和纳滤等领域的应用。其中,气体分离主要介绍了杂化膜材料对H2,CO2和CH4等混合组分气体的分离性能;渗透汽化是基于溶剂脱水或者水相中有机物的去除等领域的应用展开的;纳滤则主要介绍了杂化膜材料对小分子物质的分离性能。同时,还阐述了杂化膜材料在以上应用中所起的作用。最后,总结了这种材料在研究过程中所面临的主要挑战,并对今后的发展做出了展望。
 This paper reviews the preparation methods of organic-inorganic hybrid membranes based on metal-organic frameworks materials and their applications in gas separation, pervaporation and nanofiltration. Among them, gas separation mainly introduces the separation performance of hybrid membrane material to H2, CO2, CH4 and other mixed components. Pervaporation is based on the application of solvent dehydration or removal of organic matter in aqueous phase. Nanofiltration mainly introduces the separation property of the hybrid membrane material to small molecule matter. Meanwhile, the role of hybrid membrane material in the above application is also expounded. Finally, this paper sums up the main challenges faced by this material in the process of research, and make a prospect for the future development.
第一作者:周玲玲(1994—),女,重庆万州人,硕士研究生,研究方向为基于金属有机骨架膜材料在环境中的应用。 通讯作者。

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