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Study on heavy oil produced water treatment by coagulation - microfiltration combination
Authors: LI Gang1,3 , GAO Xintang2 , LI Keqing1
Units: 1. Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang, 110016; 2. Blue Star Environmental Engineer Co., Ltd., Beijing, 101318; 3. Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 100049, P.R. China
KeyWords: produced water; coagulation; microfiltration process; combined method; dissolved organic substances
year,volume(issue):pagination: 2011,31(1):89-93

A series of experiments were carried out for heavy oil produced water treatment in coagulation - microfiltration system. It could resolve the problem that produced water missing emission control regulations. This paper studied some factors for heavy oil produced water microfiltration treatment such as transmembrane pressure, pore diameter, and coagulation effect. The optimal operation condition was 0.5μm pore diameter and the most favorable pressure was 0.25MPa for microfiltration. The results showed that it is feasible to separate the pollutants from heavy oil produced water by combined method.At the optimal conditions,the COD content in the filtrate was 86-97 mgL-1. The COD removal ratio can reach above 43.4%. The suspended and dissolved organic substances could be separated by different molecular weigh. The recovery of membrane flux can reach up to 96.8%. The combined method can arrive at the emission control regulations.


李刚(1981-),男,吉林人,助研,研究方向为石油污染控制.*通讯联系.(ligang@iae.ac.cn) * 电话:13910437790(高)

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