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Study on production of gluconic acid from sodium gluconate using bipolar membrane electrodialysis
Authors: WANG Wei,FU Rongqiang,LIU Zhaoming
Units: Shandong Tianwei Membrane Technology Co., Ltd.,Weifang 261061,China
KeyWords: bipolar membrane, electrodialysis, gluconic acid, ion exchange
year,volume(issue):pagination: 2017,37(1):107-113

 This paper studied the process of converting 10% sodium gluconate feed to gluconic acid with a two-chambered bipolar membrane electrodialysis pilot module. It was indicated that the electrical conductivity of sodium gluconate could be reduced to 3 mS/cm and the conversion rate could reach 95%. As the concentration of sodium gluconate decreased, the current density, the current efficiency and the acid generation rate gradually declined, but the energy consumption for per unit of produced acid increased significantly. With the increase of the voltage per cell pair, the current density and the acid generation rate increased, but the energy consumption increased too. When the cell-pair voltage was 1.3V, 1.5V and1.8V, the current density was 206A/m2, 278 A/m2 and 340 A/m2 respectively, and the acid generation rate was 56 mol/m2/h, 73 mol/m2/h and 98mol/m2/h respectively, and the energy consumption for per unit of produced acid was 48kWh/kmol, 55kWh/kmol and 62kWh/kmol respectively. The increase of the cell-pair voltage caused the lower capital expenditure and the higher operating expenditure. The optimum cell-pair voltage should be decided by the overall expenditure. With the cell-pair voltage at 1.5V, the first year overall expenditure was the least. But as the growth of the years, the cell-pair voltage at 1.3V could cause the minimum overall expenditure.

国家高新技术研究发展计划(863)项目(2015AA021001),山东省2013 年泰山学者蓝色产业领军人才团队支撑计划项目。


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