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Study on the membrane wetting prevention in the process of CO2 absorption by PVDF membrane contactor WANG Lixiang,DING Zhongwei,LIU Liyin… 2019 ,39 (5): 73-80
Preparation and application of thiol-functionalized membrane LIU Lanfang, LUO Jianquan, WAN Yinhu… 2019 ,39 (3): 14-21
Effect of polyethylene glycol additive on the structure and performance of Mg(OH)2/PES hybrid membranes CUI Shasha, HAN Senjian, MAO Lili, W… 2019 ,39 (1): 1-8
Mathematical model and running characteristics of outside-in hollow Ultra-Filtration membrane fiber Xu Yao, Yuan Hongying, Wang Yannin… 2019 ,39 (1): 81-85
Removal of antibiotic in water by the coupling technique of membrane separation and advanced oxidation techniques (AOPs)-- a review ZHOU Anran, WANG Yonglei, SUN Shaohu… 2019 ,39 (1): 110-115
Catalytic and separative difunctional membrane and its application in chemical engineering process enhancement ZHANG Hao, MA Xiaohua, XU Zhenliang 2019 ,39 (1): 116-124

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